We challenge our staff and our customers to keep us true to our values
- Sam Bernard, Managing Director

DBD is a family business that has grown into the UK’s leading Appliance Installation Distributor. We remain an intimate business, proud of our people, service, relationships and success. It’s a challenge, but we do so by remaining true to our values.

Corporate Values - Helpful


  • “Our first response is ‘Yes if …’ – there’s usually a way”
  • When things go wrong, we’ll use all our efforts to solve it quickly.
  • We anticipate each other’s challenges and are ready to help before they arise.
Corporate Values - Ethical


  • “We say what we mean, and mean what we say”
  • We are open, honest and reasonable – talk to us
  • People matter more – we invest in them and expect the best from them.
Corporate Values - Innovative


  • We are not content with “OK” – brilliant is the standard
  • We continually seek ways to deliver better business value
  • We invest in our infrastructure, systems and people to be the unrivalled best
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